Tmog Event!!

25.12.2018, 4:21:21 PM, posted by Zandalarian
Tmog Event!!

New Tmog event post your best mogs to win exceptional rewards we will be selecting the best of the best giving 3 place rewards

1st place will receive 10,000 Honor, 1,000 Arena points + Tmog event token

2nd place 5,000 Honor, 500 Arena points + Tmog event token

3rd place 2,500 Honor, 250 Arena points + Tmog event token

These tokens will allow you to purchase the following:

Upgrade for world boss items 

Event bag 

New spells

Different types of materials

We would like if we can get 1 submission per Ip so that there are no multiple choices for 1 Ip Post it on the forums (Events- Transmog event III)

You may visit the transmog mall via (Teleporter - Zones - Transmog)

Good luck to all can't wait to see ur creativity.

Zandalari Team