Rev 29 Zandalarian 19 Apr 21:39 Zul Farrak changes bosses were nerfed for more info check facebook
Rev 28 Zandalarian 19 Apr 21:38 New quest for hunters added to the npc H.U.N.T.E.R at shop, named "Super quiver"
Rev 27 Zandalarian 19 Apr 21:37 Reduced the requirements needed for easter event quests
Rev 26 Zandalarian 19 Apr 21:37 Changed requirements for quest "Zul´Farrak [2/3]"
Rev 25 Zandalarian 19 Apr 21:36 Flower of harmony and Dust of dumortierit added to the npc named "ketchup and mustard"
Rev 24 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:56 New npc added before Zul farrak dungeon named "Ultra mega bag", New quest added to the npc named "Ultra mega bag"
Rev 23 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:55 Reduced the Ultra bag requirements on all quests by 40% and changed the reward from the 3rd quest to now give you Magtheridon's Bag
Rev 22 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:53 New npc added to the shop named "bag of dungeons" and added 9 quests to the npc "bag of dungeons"
Rev 21 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:52 New bag tokens added to every last boss in all dungeons (they will be needed to purchase Bag of dungeons), quests are released
Rev 20 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:51 New bag added to the npc "Exp Vendor[Weapons]" Bag of dungeons, more ranks will be added soon
Rev 19 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:50 Decreased the HP of Black Temple bosses by 20%
Rev 18 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:49 Boosted reputation gained from Alpha Isles
Rev 17 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:43 Added leathery Bag drop to bosses in AQ
Rev 16 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:42 Blackwing lair bosses - have received a decrease in HP by 35%
Rev 15 Zandalarian 17 Apr 13:38 Multiple changes applied to Zul Farak bosses made it alot easier
Rev 14 Zandalarian 15 Apr 19:12 New teleport added to the teleporter "Easter Event" Enjoy (Limited Time Mode)
Rev 13 Zandalarian 15 Apr 19:11 Fixed "MoltenBand (All classes)" Reduced the total requirements and is now instantly unlocked
Rev 12 Zandalarian 15 Apr 19:08 New teleport added to the teleporter >>Dungeons>>Zul´Farrak [Ultra - 9]
Rev 11 Zandalarian 14 Apr 21:14 The Quests for "Solo Masterpiece" for each class, are now fully unlocked without requiring any prerequisite quests completed
Rev 10 Zandalarian 14 Apr 10:58 Gold Drops are now Up to Date in all Dungeons
Rev 9 Zandalarian 13 Apr 09:12 Main Entry Doors in Zul'Aman Deleted
Rev 8 Zandalarian 13 Apr 09:08 Changed AI for Poopsaurs in Beta Sanctum
Rev 7 Zandalarian 13 Apr 09:06 Changed AI for Slitherblade Naga in Beta Sanctum
Rev 6 Zandalarian 12 Apr 17:05 Zul'Farak Entry Quests Relased
Rev 5 Zandalarian 12 Apr 17:05 "Small Eye" loot problem hotfix
Rev 4 Zandalarian 12 Apr 17:05 Requirements for Event Items Reduced from 500 to 300
Rev 3 Zandalarian 12 Apr 17:05 Boss Thrall and Varian Wrynn 25% Nerfed
Rev 2 Zandalarian 12 Apr 17:03 SW and OG Tabard Questline Revamp
Rev 1 Zandalarian 12 Apr 16:50 Rocket Boots, Harmonium and Silentium Quest Revamp